This page will be updated regularly with the latest news, information and content regarding St Theresa School's campus as it relates to the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID Notification Posting will be updated daily via SchoolSpeak (by 4pm) to ensure all families have up-to-date information on affected classrooms.


As we navigate the new reality that our world is in, maintaining transparency and open communication will be our first line of defense.  Positive cases and close contact notification will be a recurring event, and our school will respond in a systematic manner to both situations. Service Master will commence deep cleaning every classroom as if it is a close contact room EVERY DAY.  Classrooms with positive COVID cases will undergo fogging. 


If a learner tests positive:  

1.  Parent notify the school.  Parents WILL beat the DoH in notifying us.

2.  Affected classroom will be contacted and dismissed for at least one day for cleaning/fogging and to determine close contacts within the class.  Close contacts are mandated by DoH to quarantine at home for 10 consecutive days.  They, and the positive case, may return to school once cleared by DoH. 

Learner is identified as a close contact:

1.  Parent notify the school asap. Parents WILL beat the DoH in notifying us.   

2.  If learner is in school, they will be dismissed.  Learner will be covid tested.  Negative- they will commence a 10 day quarantine.  Positive- the class will be dismissed to allow for close contact tracing before returning to school.  This will take at least one day.  The specifics of the dismissals and notifications will depend on the time of day that our school is notified.

3.   The classroom of an close contact that is NOT yet tested will remain in school until the test is reported and above action can take place.  

St. Theresa School Healthy Habits Policy to Handbook

(Formerly Pandemic Plan)

All STS pandemic policies are based on CDC and Department of Health Guidelines. ​Policies are subject to change​. Families will be notified through School Speak of any updates to pandemic policies.

Information listed below has been updated on 08/15/2021

Cleaning and Disinfection

1. STS facilities are cleaned and disinfected daily by ServiceMaster.

2. High touch surfaces in classrooms/ offices are disinfected throughout the day by teachers/office staff.

3. High touch surfaces on lanai, bathrooms, and school yard are disinfected at regular intervals throughout the day by maintenance staff.

4. Hand sanitizer is available in 4 outdoor areas on campus, in each classroom, and in the office.


Social Distancing

1. A separate Preschool Entrance will be utilized on the west end of the lanai. Preschool families will enter and exit ONLY from that area. No congregating will be permitted and check in/out proceduresare delineated by classroom teachers.

2. Parking Lot drop off is a DRIVE THROUGH ONLY for grades TK-3. Grade 4-8 DRIVE THROUGH drop is behind office building. Parents/families must not park and walk onto campus from the west entrance.

3. Parents are asked to adhere to the following areas for after school pick up. Discuss and plan where the pick- up spot will be with your learners. Parents wait by their cars for learners to come to them. • On Kaumuali’i Hwy facing playground. • In church parking lot behind church (Elepaio Rd entrance)

4. Parents must sign into the office when entering campus for ANY reason. Anyone entering the campus must park behind the church and walk into the school office from the Elepaio Rd ramp entrance.

5. Recess and Lunch times will be staggered to facilitate small groups on the playground.

6. Teachers will provide for 3ft social distancing in classrooms as much as is possible.

7. Classes will be self-contained. Learners will not rotate through shared classrooms. Learners will work in consistent pods within the classroom, limiting whole class close contact as much as possible.

8. Learners 5 years old and over will wear protective face masks/shields in the classroom. They can remove it for breather walks. Teachers will schedule breather walks throughout the day to give learners the opportunity to remove masks. Face shields are not a substitute for masks but may be worn with masks.

9. Masks and shields are mandatory at recess times. Social distancing of 3 ft for learners 5 and older will be enforced as much as possible at recess times.

10. Teachers and staff will mask at all times. All visitors are required to wear masks.



1. Classroom supplies will not be shared. Each learner will keep all supplies at their desk to reduce high touch areas. 2. Temperatures will be taken and recorded at the beginning of each school day. Learners with a temperature of 99.9 will have family notified. Learners with a temperature of 100.4 or higher will be sent to the office health room and family will be instructed to pick up immediately. Learners may not be admitted back to school until they have been fevering free for 24 hours WITHOUT use of fever reducing medication and are displaying no other symptoms of illness.

3. Teachers and staff will record temperatures daily in the office. Workers with a temperature of 99.9 orhigher will be sent home.

4. STS will not hold field trips that expose learners or staff to potentially crowded or contaminated situations. Each family will be notified and given the option to refuse permission for field trips. STS will remain cautious when planning field trips and will always protect the best interest of our learners and staff.

5. STS will employ limited support staff to ensure limited outside contact.

6. STS will offer as many outdoor learning areas as possible to lessen high touch areas.

7. *MAINLAND TRAVEL BY LEARNER: Travel outside of the state must be followed by a 3-day quarantine from school. Recreational travel is not recommended while school is in session. MAINLAND TRAVEL BY LEARNER’S HOUSEHOLD MEMBER: If the family member of a learner or staff travels outside the state the learner may attend school as normal. Please monitor each family member’s health closely and keep learners home if any sign of illness appears.

8. INTERISLAND TRAVEL BY LEARNER: Interisland travel by a learner must be followed by a 3-day quarantine from school. *STS will not accept a negative COVID test or COVID vaccination as grounds to return to school immediately after mainland or interisland travel. **State mandated quarantines over 3 days will override STS policies.

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