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St. Theresa School is rooted in Christ and strives to teach His ways and values.  Religious instructions are given on a daily basis and all students participate in a weekly Childrens Liturgy.  Following the Churchs liturgical year, the students participate in seasonal prayer services and other devotions such as the Stations of the Cross and the rosary. 


In grades K-8 students are provided with the basic skills of reading, writing, language, mathematics, social studies and science along with establishing good study habits.  The school strives to provide the opportunity for each child to establish a pattern of success and to learn according to his/her own growth patterns.

• Discipline Code


The discipline policy that is implemented at St. Theresa School is guided by Christian values of proper behavior.  Each student needs to understand that he/she will refrain from conduct unbecoming of a Christian student.  Harassment, either verbal or physical, will not be tolerated.  Every student is expected to comply with the rules and regulations of the school.  Students are not to bring toys, radios, cell phones, pagers or CD players to school.


Basic Rules:

- Be kind

- Show respect for self and others

- Be willing to listen

- Keep hands and feet to self at all times

- Follow school policies


Disciplinary action consists of reminders or reprimands, warnings, some form of consequences, after school detention, suspensions, and dismissals.



This is the normal critique of student behavior made by teachers, staff, or principal.  It is usually given orally.



This is a serious censure of student behavior issued by the teacher or principal.  This warning may be given either orally or in writing.  Warnings imply that a student may lead up to an after school detention, suspension, or even dismissal unless the situation is corrected.  A conference will be held with all of the concerned parties.  Student contracts may be implemented at this time.



This is the temporary exclusion of the student from classes and school activities.  Suspension may be in school or at home.  The length may be a half-day to a number of days.  Parents / guardians will be notified immediately of the suspension.  If it is to be an at home suspension a conference will be scheduled with the student, parents / guardian, and appropriate school personnel.



Dismissal is the permanent exclusion of the student from the school.  Dismissal of a student is a serious matter that requires an appraisal by the pastor, principal, student, and parents.  No  dismissal will be final until a conference is held with the student, parents / guardians and school personnel.  The student may be suspended while arrangements are being made for this conference.  Records of the procedure will be kept throughout the process.



St. Theresa School recognizes that bullying and intimidation have a negative effect on school climate and negate the spirit of dignity and uniqueness of each individual.  Students who are intimidated and fearful cannot give their education the single-minded attention they need for success.  Bullying can also led to more serious violence.  Every student has the right to an education and to be safe in and around school.

1. Definition of bullying.  Bullying is a pattern of abuse over time and involves a student being picked on.  Bullying includes physical intimidation or assault; extortion, oral or written threats; teasing; putdowns; name-calling, threatening looks; gestures, or actions; cruel rumors; false accusations; and social isolation.

2. Bullying is prohibited.  St. Theresa School community shall not tolerate any bullying on school grounds or at any school activity on or off campus.

3. Staff intervention.  St. Theresa School expects all staff members who observe or become aware of an act of bullying to take immediate, appropriate steps to intervene-unless intervention would be a threat to staff members safety.  If a staff member believes that his/her intervention has not resolved the matter, or if the bullying persists, he/she shall report the bullying to the school administration for further investigation.

4. Students and parents shall report bullying.  St. Theresa School expects students and parents who become aware of an act of bullying to report it to the school administration for further investigation.  Any student who retaliates against another for reporting bullying may be subject to the consequences listed below in paragraph 6.

5. Investigation procedures.  Upon learning about a bullying incident, the principal, or designee, shall contact the parents of both the aggressor and the victim, interview both students and thoroughly investigate.  This investigation may include interviews with students, parents and school staff; review of school records; and identification of parent and family issues.

6. Consequences/intervention.  Consequences for students who bully others shall depend on the results of the investigation and may include counseling; a parent conference; detention; suspension and/or expulsion.  Depending on the severity of the incident, the principal may also take appropriate steps to ensure student safety.  These may include implementing a safety plan; separating and supervising the students involved; providing staff support for students as necessary; and develop a supervision plan with the parents.



No policy is capable of covering all disciplinary infractions that can occur.  Therefore, the administration of St. Theresa School reserves the right to impose disciplinary action to students for behavior not in keeping with Christian values.



The principal, in consultation with the pastor, is the final authority in all-disciplinary situations.  The principal, at her or his discretion, may waive any disciplinary rule for a just cause.

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