St. Theresa School is rooted in Christ and strives to teach His ways and values.  Religious instructions are given on a daily basis and all students participate in a weekly Childrens Liturgy.  Following the Churchs liturgical year, the students participate in seasonal prayer services and other devotions such as the Stations of the Cross and the rosary. 


In grades K-8 students are provided with the basic skills of reading, writing, language, mathematics, social studies and science along with establishing good study habits.  The school strives to provide the opportunity for each child to establish a pattern of success and to learn according to his/her own growth patterns.

At A Glance

• Emergency Procedures

In the event of an emergency, illness or other problem, parents will be called at work or at home.  If the parent cannot be reached, emergency contacts indicated by the parent on the emergency card or registration form will be contacted.  It is the parents responsibility to inform the school immediately if there are any changes for these emergency numbers.  In serious emergencies, 911 will be called first and then the parents or guardians will be notified.






Fire drills are held monthly.  In the event our school is severely damaged the children would be held in the parish church or cafeteria and parents/ guardians will be called to pick up their child.


Tsunami warning:

The school is in a tsunami zone.  The following procedures have been adopted in the event of a tsunami warning:

• If a warning is issued and a tsunami is eminent then the entire school will be evacuated via private cars to Kokee Park. This will be the meeting place and pick up for parent to come and pick up their children.

•  If a watch or warning is issued before school begins, the school will close.

• The emergency parent phone tree will go into effect at that time.  

• If a watch occurs during the school day, students will stay at school until parents or another designated person comes for the students.


Hurricane / Tropical Storm:

Hurricane or tropical storm watches are issued by the National Weather Service 36 hours prior to the arrival of the storm effects.  Hurricane or tropical storm warnings are issued when one of these storms could affect Kauai in 24 hours or less.  When a warning is issued school will be closed.  When a watch is issued, we will monitor the storm and make decisions about school closure before the issuance of a warning.


Flash Flood:

In case of a flash flood warning parents are to pick up their children.



Should an earthquake of significant magnitude occur on Kauai, we can anticipate considerable disruption to our road networks.  The children will be taken care of by the school staff until everyone is picked up by a parent / guardian.




If it is announced on the radio or television that the public schools are closing, it is likely thatSt. Theresa School will also be closing.  It is important to listen to a local radio station for possible confirmation.




Students are expected to:

a. Stay within the schoolyard boundaries.

b. Get permission from the teacher and principal to leave school grounds.

c. Keep the lanai and steps free at all times in case of an emergency.

d. Park bicycles in the rack provided.

e. Not ride bicycles on school grounds.

f. Notify the playground supervisor if a ball goes into the street.

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