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Each family is obligated to contribute 40 volunteer hours.  20 hours are designated to our biggest fundraiser, the carnival and 20 hours are designated for school activities.  A family may perform all required hours at the carnival.  Parents/other family members and friends who designate hours for another school family must sign in on the date they are performing the service to receive the credit. Extra school and carnival hours are not transferable after the event.


A logbook will be kept in the office to account for all work hours.  The total hours contributed will be tallied a week after the May Day program.  Hours not met will be translated to additional tuition to be paid using the $20/hour formula.  Families not meeting any work hours will be charged $800 in additional tuition.


These service hours may be provided by a parent, guardian, grandparent, other relatives or friends.

1. Helping out at the school carnival  (20 hours required)

Chair the carnival, Steering committee, Set Up, Booth Coordinator, Food Preparation, Booth helper, Clean Up

2. Class Parent  The class parent also serve as a representative on the Parent Association Board.

3. Helper around school

  • Library aid

  • Classroom aid

  • Office help

  • Lunch and playground duty

  • P.E. assistant

  • Computer aid

  • Soup label, box top, cans coordinator, cartridge collection, etc.

  • May Day coordinator or helper

  • Christmas Program helper

  • Enrichment coordinator or offering to help with enrichment program

  • Help with student service projects

  • Coordinate the yearbook activities

  • Substitute bus driver

  • Substitute teacher

  • Clubs for the students at recess or after school

  • Coaching or assisting in the sports program

  • Alumni data entry, work with Development committee

  • Member on School Board Committees; Development, Facilities & Maintenance, Finance and Technology

  • Update classroom emergency bags.

  • Help track and input data for family service hours

  • Chaperone field trips.

4. School Beautification Project

  • Painting bathrooms or other rooms

  • Painting outside of School

  • Making shelves and cabinets

  • Laying brick paths

  • Fixing and setting up playground equipment

  • Plant and tend plants and lawn around the grounds

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