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St. Theresa School, the western most Catholic elementary school in the United States, is dedicated to guiding learners as they follow the footsteps of Jesus. Faith, ‘Ohana (family), and a quality education are the pillars upon which we build tomorrow’s leaders.


We believe that an excellent academic and moral education is a gateway to fulfilling a future for our students. We provide an atmosphere for growth as Catholic Christians in every aspect of our school.


The teachings of Jesus provide a direction for our school.  Scripture tells us to love God with our whole heart, soul and all our strength and to love our neighbor as ourselves.  Thus, our mission as educators calls us to develop our students hearts through nurturing personal development; their soul through instruction and modeling of faith and morals; and their strength of mind through a standards based academic program.


We lead them to love their neighbor through Catholic Social Teaching and engaging them in acts of community service. These experiences will help our students to develop a deeper relationship with Jesus our Teacher. 


St. Theresa School believes that a partnership is necessary in fulfilling the responsibility of forming a child.  We work with parents, parish and community to lead each child to his/her greatest potential.


In the light of the philosophy of St. Theresa School as a learning community we are committed to the following:

1. To instill in all students an appreciation of their human dignity as children of God.

2. To create an educational environment where staff, students, and parents experience community in striving to live the Gospel spirit.

3. To complement the efforts of parents in teaching basic values.

4. To develop the potential of all learners and accenting each persons individuality.

5. To give the children an appreciation of their intellectual, cultural and religious heritage, while inspiring good academic habits for their future.

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