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Haku Barriga, Molly Joyce, Monica Texeria + Madison Moore

The St. Theresa School Alumni Association provides an important link between our diverse and accomplished alumni and their former classmates, teachers, and the school in general. Comprised of a dedicated group of volunteers, the Association not only circulates news and information about the school but also plans and executes events throughout the year with the goal of establishing new connections and fostering old ones. Please click on the link below to add your information to our Alumni database.


Purpose of Organization

The purpose of the St. Theresa Alumni Association is to advance and further the interests of St. Theresa School and its alumni by forming a vehicle through which the alumni of St. Theresa School can contribute to St. Theresa's welfare. To further this purpose, the Association may engage in educational, social, and cultural programs, including community activities and special projects, which promote and foster a spirit of fellowship and good will among the alumni of St. Theresa School.

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