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Renaissance Learning Program and IXL

The Renaissance Learning Program which was initiated in 2011-2012, has helped St. Theresa School "individualize instruction and personalize practice to accelerate learning".  This program has helped to identify and support students who perform both in the lower and upper quartiles in Reading and Math. This program has helped teachers enhance the content and application of one-on-one instruction especially for struggling students who are considered "at risk". St. Theresa has shown steady growth in Reading and Math since the initiation of the Renaissance Program in 2011. St. Theresa School has implemented Accelerated Reading, and STAR Testing in Math and Reading to support the curriculum. STAR assessment tests in Reading and Math are for students in grades 2-8.



Accelerated Reader is a program that correlates with the STAR reading assessments. Students receive a Z.P.D. or a Zone of Proximal Development reading level. Students choose books in their reading level based on their STAR reading scores. Teacher and students set point goals and work towards earning their goals throughout the quarter. Students are given goals and expectations based on the test scores as well as teachers’ observation in conduct, effort, and study skills. Students earn points towards their goal by reading books and completing comprehension tests with accuracy. Students must average 85% or above on comprehension test.



STAR tests have provided St. Theresa School with insurmountable data and immediate results that becomes a resource to teachers to help students who are performing both at low and high grade levels. The STAR assessment results include in-depth reports for screening, instructional planning, progress monitoring, standards benchmarking, as well as Core Progress learning progressions and Student Growth Percentile measurements. St. Theresa School teachers are able to use the assessment data results to guide the design of their curriculum and instruction. Teachers also use the data to develop individual student intervention strategies. Through these assessment results teachers are able to identify and trace prerequisite skills to further students’ conceptual understanding. Teachers are able to verify student’s current achievement level and design interventions. Teachers are able to group students and provide instruction to meet the needs of the group. Tests could be given more frequently if teachers would like to monitor a student’s progress and to see if an intervention strategy is making a difference in the student’s performance and advancement. Real time data allows for immediate action in bridging assessment and instruction.



Home Connect is used by students to check their progress in the Renaissance applications such as Accelerated Reader. Students can see list of books they have read on their "bookshelf". Students are also able to view the grades they received on Accelerated Reading test. There also are vocabulary lists for students to reference.


IXL provides each student with a customized pathway for growth. As learners work on objectives, IXL uses insights from their work to generate personalized skill recommendations in real time. Each recommendation is precise and unique, guiding learners to the specific skills that will help them make the most progress right now. Math and Language Arts teachers at STS utilize IXL to reinforce core objectives and diversify their formative assessments of standards based growth. Each learner is assigned with a login and password for at home and in school use.

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