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Congratulations to STS Regional Science and Engineering Fair Qualifiers!


All middle school learners created a Science Fair Project. Judges were brought in to examine their projects and listen to our learners present and discuss their work. Nineteen of the top scoring projects were selected to compete on February 11 at the Regional level. 

6th Grade

James Logan Pereira

Oliver Alonge

Sydney Kleidosty

Hi’iaka Acoba

Azure Bradley

Micah Lee

Lily Santiago

7th Grade

Xyrus Bajo

Zander Bradley

Isabella Gilliam

Cassin Kimmel

Zoe Gray

Alex Triplett

Jasiah Lang

Lahikiola Bustillos


8th Grade

Teagan Souza

Denali Chun

Isabella Miyake

Keola Agader-Ching (recognition)

Lee Duey

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