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Book Covers

Mariana Lee, Grade 8

Does Classical or Video Game Music Work Better for Studying

Lucy Newton, Grade 8

The Effects of Coping Mechanisms

Sophia Yates, Grade 8

Would a Plant Grow Better in UV Light or Sunlight?

Poutoa Garza, Grade 8

Does Kangen Water Help Plants Grow Faster or Better Then Using Zero Water?

Penning Garza, Grade 8

Homemade Insulation

Keala Agader Ching, Grade 7

How Does the Spacing of Plants Affect Their Growth

Jack Costales, Grade 8

How Different Flours Affect the Textures in Cookies

Teagan Souza, Grade 7

Does Liquid Fertilizer Help Plants Grow More Than Granular Fertilizer?

Lee Duey, Grade 7

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