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Congratulations to STS Regional Science and Engineering Fair Qualifiers!


All middle school learners created a Science Fair Project. Judges were brought in to examine their projects and listen to our learners present and discuss their work.  Fourteen of the top scoring projects were selected to compete on February 8 at the Regional level.  Congratulations to Lily Santiago who placed 2nd in the Thermo Fisher Scientific Junior Innovators Challenge, and good luck in the State competition in April!

6th Grade:

Kenda Finilla - Let's Get Salty

Kyus Bajo- Lego Sparks

Adrian Henkel- A New World of Fitness

Kohbyn Regidor- Milk Curd 101

Brody Robinson- NPK: Understanding the Three Major Nutrients that Plants Need to Survive


7th Grade:

James Pereira- Wattah You Know, Lettuce Grows

Hiiaka Acoba-Eggcellent Teeth

Sydney Kleidosty-"Recognizing," Rabbit

Lily Santiago- OMG BPA


8th Grade:

Lahikiola Bustillos- Doggy Dinner

Cassin Kimmel- Quick Picks

Zander Bradley-Duplicating Dollars

Kaikea Miyashiro-Grippy Gloves

Zoe Gray- Acidic Water Special


Congratulations to:

Kyus Bajo who was recognized with the Junior Behavioral Science Award.


Lily Santiago who was recognized with:

- Junior Physical Science Award

- U.S. Metric Association Award

- Awarded to the researcher conducting and reporting measurements exclusively using SI units and metric equipment

- Hawaii State Science and Engineering Fair Certificate

- 2nd Place for the Thermo Fisher Scientific Junior Innovators Challenge Certificate.

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