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St. Theresa School has integrated the use of Google Chromebooks into the classroom. This enhances teaching and increase student engagement by bringing the power of the web to the classroom.



Our Middle School Program recognizes and encourages the rapid and extensive changes in all areas of an adolescent’s development (physical, intellectual, psychological, social and moral) through a diversity of curricular and extracurricular programs. We understand that successful schooling at this level is largely dependent on sensitivity and responsiveness, and we shape our educational programs around this idea.


Middle School students at St. Theresa School are empowered to take responsibility for their own learning and build self-confidence through their successes.  Students, teachers, and parents work together and use School Speak, an online gradebook, and have implemented Google Classrooms which allows real time interactions and collaborations.  The students' have the tools needed to monitor their own progress and take ownership of their learning.  These tools provide transparency and help parents and teachers to support students in building responsibility, efficiency, and in higher achievement.  Students are supported in reaching their fullest potential.


St. Theresa's Middle School students are engaged in cross grade and subject integration, project based learning, and real world applications.  Students can earn high school credits for Algebra I upon graduation. 

Core classes include:

  • Mathematics: General Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, select Algebra II and Geometry concepts

  • Science: Spiraling between Life, Physical, Earth, and Engineering

  • Social Studies: History, Geography, Civics and Government, Economics, Psychology and Cultural Anthropology

  • Language Arts: Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking, and Spelling

  • Religion

  • Leadership, Physical Education, Music, and STREAM are also offered.



Every student at St. Theresa has their own HP Chromebook Laptop and classrooms are equipped with Promethean Smart Boards.  Devices are viewed as "tools" for learning and are integrated into a diverse delivery of curriculum.



St. Theresa's Middle School develop leaders who:

  • Communicate ideas and options effectively both verbally and through their writing

  • Are active listeners and confident learners who can follow directions, problem solve, and think critically

  • Are knowledgeable about the world the world around them

  • Contribute positively to their community

  • Continue to grow in their relationship with Jesus through prayer and service to family and community

  • Are successful life-long learners with 21st century skill

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