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Integrating teaching methods with state-of-the-art technology is one of the main reasons why St. Theresa school students routinely score above average , graduate from high school and move on to college.


St. Theresa School has an open enrollment policy. Students can be enrolled at any point during the school year. This also applies to our Preschool. Please contact us for more information on enrolling your child. Financial aid and scholarship packages are available to those who qualify.

Age Requirements

Children must be at least 2 years and 8 months old and toilet trained by the day they enter preschool, but no older than 4 years old by December 31. Pre-kindergarten requirements and information are provided under separate cover in the preschool handbook. To enter the Kindergarten a child must be five years of age on or before July 31.

Admission Requirements

New Admissions:

The following items are to be submitted at the time of registration of new learners.
1. Students birth certificate
2. Students baptismal certificate and First Communion (if applicable).
3. Latest report card and/or release card from the last school attended.
4. Health Card (Form 14) and TB clearance
5. A conference with the principal or the pastor may be required of new students entering middle school.  A three-week probationary period is required of all new students.
New Seventh and Eighth grade students enrolling after the start of school will require a conference with the principal.  A placement test may also be required.  Seventh or Eighth grade students may not be admitted after the start of the fourth quarter.


Returning Students Pre-Registration:

Each spring, parents must re-enroll their child for the upcoming school year.  Students are readmitted if:
1. Parents accept the basic philosophy of the school, as determined by their support and cooperation.
2. The current program is meeting the students needs.
3. Previous tuition and book fees are paid to date.
4. Registration fee is paid in full.


In July/August, every student must be officially registered as follows:
1. Fill out the necessary forms
2. Pay book bill and other fees as applicable.
3. Tuition payment forms with the FACTS program have been handed into the office.
4. Pre-school students submit a health form, which is updated in first, fourth and seventh grades.

Students, who satisfactorily complete their grade level at St. Theresa School, may continue on at St. Theresas (unless it is deemed advisable for the student to receive some type of specialized education).  In the spring, students currently enrolled in grades Preschool through 7 may pre-register for the following year.  They will be given a packet of required forms to be returned to the school by a specific date.

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