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A school garden helps students gain an understanding of natural systems through firsthand experience. School gardens foster community spirit by bringing students, school staff, and families together.  Good nutrition and healthy habits start at home and in school. We want children to establish good habits early in life, together we can raise our keiki to be responsible, healthy and caring stewards of the Aina'.

At St. Theresa School, gardening with our learners' is not only about planting seeds, weeding, and watching the fruits of your labor and love. It is also about teaching them how to conserve the Aina' and our home and recognize our place in it. This is an opportunity to teach learners how to compost, be a friend to wildlife and recycle.  It allows for team building and promotes communication skills.

Our Eight Graders start off the year planting Kalo.  Kalo is one of the most important plants in the Hawaiian culture.  Kalo is a starchy root vegetable. It is believed to be one of the world’s most ancient cultivated crops, and it is deeply tied to the history and traditions of Hawaiʻi. 

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