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STREAM night was a huge success! Our learners were able to tour each classroom with their family and friends to see all STREAM based learning exhibits. The Preschool class created an Under the Sea theme project, the Kindergarten class created a Noah’s Art theme project, 1st grade class created an All About Bees theme project, 2nd grade class created a Humpback Whales theme project, 3rd/4th grade class created a Polynesian Travel theme project, 5th/6th grade class created a Volcanoes theme project, 7th/8th grade class created a The Planets theme project and as a bonus, we were able to showcase Music instrument creation. STREAM components like Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art and Math are a huge focus here at St. Theresa School. We live in an innovative world and it is importance for our young learners to have the opportunity to explore all areas and have fun doing it!


Photo credits: Wendy Castillo (STS Principal)

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