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In order to keep tuition low, St. Theresa School parents are expected to fundraise.


1. All parents must sign a contract with FACTS tuition payment program. Information on FACTS is available online and help is available through the STS Office. 

2. A registration fee is due at time of registration.  This registration fee is not refundable and may be paid by cash, check, or credit card.

3.  FACTS charges a $30 service charge for returned auto payments.  Delinquent accounts are subject to collections. 


The carnival is the major fundraiser for the school.  All families are required to participate. Each family is required to sell $400 worth of carnival tickets + 20 hours of active service at time of carnival.  If unfulfilled service are not met, $20/hour will apply.


Tuition payments are paid through FACTS Management.  


Enroll and choose your payment plan online through FACTS at

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