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“We send our child to send to St. Theresa for a quality education and small group settings with teachers who work hard to make a difference- kind, caring, and love their job. This opportunity is unlike any other. We appreciate this opportunity for Tevin. The use of Chromebooks at St. Theresa is unlike any other. I hope this will bring more students to this school. Thank you very much for a thorough explanation Chromebooks. Thank you again. We are grateful for St. Theresa to have this higher quality of learning for their students.”

Maude Shigematsu, parent of 7th grader Tevin

Kekaha, HI

“I send Barak here because: he is able to discuss God and pray during school; STS has a very 'ohana environment (big kids help little kids, everyone help each other; (there is) hi-tech learning, small classroom size, and kids here begin public speaking in kindergarten."

Sharla Aviguetero, parent of 6th grader Barak Aviguetero

Kekaha, HI

“Student Teacher Ratio is good. Classes are smaller. It’s in Kekaha. The level of learning is better. STS challenges my children.The use of Chromebooks is a great tool to excel in learning with technology. I think that it can allow St. Theresa School to look at offering higher education.”

Shantel Santiago, parent of 7th grade student Layne Santiago and preschooler Lily Santiago

Kekaha, HI

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