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Post: January 13, 2023

STS Carnival will commence for the 2022-2023 school year! 

Official Date: April 21-22, 2023

Prep Week: April 17-21, 2023

Budget Goals: 

Income (presale + onsite) $148,000 with an expense of $28,000

Family Requirements:

Ticket sales for families will begin this January. All families are required to sell 400 tickets + must volunteer 20 hours in both prep/event work. 

Food Booth Donations:

Donations list and volunteer opportunities will be posted in February. 

Current needs are: country store goods, whole chicken, eggs, flours, soda, hot dogs, simian, hamburger buns, loaves of bread, ice cream, cheese, oil, can corn, mayonnaise, shoe, sugar, butter, whip cream, popcorn kernels.

Booth Organization: 

Classes are in charge of setup/management of the booths.  Sign ups for workstations will be open on SchoolSpeak + Stream Night on February 1st.

Be In the Know

STS Carnival in Honor of Gordon Mattos

Gordon Mattos was a long time STS supporter and church parishioner.  He and his wife, Adele, gave their all for St. Theresa School enrolling their children, encouraging their grandchildren to attend, attending mass every Sunday and jumping in full-time at every school carnival.  Mr. Mattos was our go-to electrician and all-around logistics setup man.

This year, with the blessing of Adele, our school wishes to dedicate our carival to his legacy. 

Committee Members

Duke Lang - Carnival Chair

Father Edwin

Wendy Castillo 

Camille Hesapene

Tim Mira

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