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Please use this page as your central hub for all things carnival. See below for up to date info!

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Post #4: April 12, 2023

All Ticket Sales are due April 14th!

Remember there is a $800 tuition credit prize to our top seller.

Ticket Sales Report: 

Presale goal $45,000

Current amount outstanding: $20,000

Budget Goals: 

Income (presale + onsite) $148,000 with an expense of $28,000

Family Requirements:

All families who did not sign-up have been assigned to a booth. Check SchoolSpeak for your assignments. 


Next week is prep week. You can use PREP WEEK to help fulfill 20 hours of carnival work. Sign ups for all prep activities will open on School Speak Thursday April 13th. 

All families must still work at the carnival event. All 20 hours cannot be done in prep. 

You may bring friends to help with prep activities. While middle schoolers may assist with some prep work, their hours are not counted toward family total.

Food Booth Donations:

All of our food booth supply items are bought by STS or donated.  Any donations help offset overhead costs. 

Office is collecting: #15 & #20 lb bags of rice + unlimited cases of water, Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite and iced tea

Booth Organization + Contacts: 

Please check the sign-up roaster on SchoolSpeak for open shifts:

1. Hamburger (Kui Souza)

2. Pronto Pop (Gina Duarte)

3. Malasada (Phil Kleidosty)

4. Flying Saucers (Melissa Moreno)

5. Kiddie Rides *Volunteer Needed

6. Mini Golf    (Kacie Cadiente)

7. Cork Gun Shoot (Jeanette Pascua)

8. Face Painting *Volunteer Needed

9. Kiawe Chicken Prep

10. Finance Room (Eunice Racpan)

Be In the Know

STS Carnival in Honor of Gordon Mattos

Gordon Mattos was a long time STS supporter and church parishioner.  He and his wife, Adele, gave their all for St. Theresa School enrolling their children, encouraging their grandchildren to attend, attending mass every Sunday and jumping in full-time at every school carnival.  Mr. Mattos was our go-to electrician and all-around logistics setup man.

This year, with the blessing of Adele, our school wishes to dedicate our carival to his legacy. 

Committee Members

Duke Lang - Carnival Chair

Father Edwin

Wendy Castillo 

Camille Hesapene

Tim Mira

Shirola Booth

Looking for non-perishable food or household items for collection. (see school speak for full list)


Troy Lazaro - Halau Ka Pa Hula O Hinano

Green Stone Project

Kauai Koolab

Cory Mira

Ron Soderfield - Hypnosis Show

Baile de Jose Dance

Waimea High School Band

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