Extended Day Care

STS Extended Day Care Program Overview

Extended Day Care Program is offered to all enrolled learners in grade PK3 - Kindergarten. STS will use the enrollee’s current registration form, emergency contact information, and authorized pick up information on file. It is the parent’s responsibility to modify emergency contacts or authorized pick up persons for Extended Day Care.

*Due to staffing:  We will take the first 12 registrations and waitlist further registrations.  You will be notified if your registration is confirmed or waitlisted.  Waitlisted families will be notified when registration becomes active. 

Extended Day Care hours:

  • 2:30 - 4:30 pm Monday-Friday

  • No EDC on last school day in December or June

  • No EDC on half days or Carnival Friday


Extended Day Care Fees:

  • $100 per month / child

Payments: EDC payments will be added to FACTS account. Payments made in office will be credited to FACTS account.
Late pick up agreement: Pickup is at 4:30. Parents will be charged $5 for late pick up (in 15 minute increments) Payment is due in cash or check directly to teacher at time of pick up. Child may not attend EDC until late payment is made. (after a 48 hour grace period, EDC registration will be cancelled)

Ex: 4:38 pickup = $5.00
4:51 pickup = $10.00

Extended Day Care Program classes and schedules:

EDC1- Preschool-Kindergarten (Teacher: TBD)

  • Preschool rooms

  • Snack/ free play/ story time (snack provided)


Payment changes are effective immediately for current enrolled students. Current and new EDC parents, please contact the office.