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Schoolwide Learning Expectations

St. Theresa School’s Schoolwide Learning Expectations (SLEs) are based on the Principals of Catholic Social Teachings.  The themes of these principles are interwoven in the mission and philosophy of the school. In the Mission Statement, “Faith, Ohana, and Quality Education are the Pillars upon which we build tomorrow’s leaders.”  St. Theresa’s Philosophy states that “the teachings of Jesus provide direction for the school through enriching Social Catholic Teaching and performing acts of community service.”  Through the SLEs, St. Theresa School Students will increase their self-esteem and self-awareness which impacts learning across the curriculum.  Furthermore, this translates to higher student achievement in academic disciplines as students become successful independent life-long learners who are significant.


The Seven Principles of Catholic Social Teachings that are grounded in scripture provides the foundation for our School Wide Learning Expectations.

The Dignity of the Human Person: God made all of us no matter what the differences are. We must treat one another with respect and fairness, by giving each great dignity.

We are Called to Live as Family and Community: Jesus tells us that we create a loving community by helping our family and community members especially those in need.

Rights and Responsibilities: It is our responsibility to see that others' basic rights are protected in order to survive and live with dignity.


Call to Stewardship: God calls us to take care of the Earth and all its creation as well as our own health and using our personal property carefully.


An Option for the Poor and Vulnerable: Our Church teaches that the poor and vulnerable people must be treated with extra respect and care and given what they need.


The Dignity and Rights of the Workers: Through our work we earn what we need to live. We use our talents to work with God to create our world. It is important to assure safe conditions, reasonable work hours and fair wages for each worker.


Solidarity: Our family is not only our immediate family members but we are family with all the people of the world. As a family, we must care about the well-being of each other, making sure other family members have what they need and are being treated fairly.

SLE Progress:The core values of the SLEs are reflected on report cards.Several factors considered in evaluating SLE growth and development.

SLE Awards: Each month, teachers will select learners who are to be commended for putting SLEs into practice through their words, actions, and behaviors. Teachers may choose up to two (2) learners to commend. Award, learner name, and a brief explanation must be submitted to office on a shared google doc as instructed. Awards are presented at Mass every last Friday of month.

Catholic Identity must pervade the school campus. It is the responsibility of every adult on campus to provide an example of appropriate behavior and calm response to problems.

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