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Principals Message

The mission of all who work at St. Theresa School is simple: to provide the means for our learners to thrive academically, spiritually, and physically. At St. Theresa, we foster growth by ensuring a clean, safe learning environment, high quality, caring teachers, and consistent communication between learners, families, teachers and staff.


As a faith based school, we are able to weave the principles of Catholic Social Teaching, character building and spiritual development into every aspect of learning.  Learners are able to attend Mass weekly and participate in community service activities.  Middle school learners serve as mentors for our young learners, developing their  leadership skills and confidence.


Our commitment to core curriculum learning and technology set St. Theresa School apart.  But it is faith, community and o'hana which provide the foundation for a quality education, and we welcome all who wish to be part of the St. Theresa family.  

As a former STS teacher, and as a proud mom to two STS graduates, I am committed to our school.  This is the place I consider to be my home.  I love coming to work each day and doing my part to keep our school thriving.  This year, like every year, there will be opportunities for us to grow as individuals, as a school, and as a community.  I sincerely look forward to embarking on the 2023-24 school year journey with you! 



Ms. Wendy Castillo

St. Theresa School Principal

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